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Introducing Dr. Shagufta Feroz

Bringing Integrative Medicine to Pakistan

I graduated from medical school in in 1985 and started my family medicine practice in 1988. I started my practice with a strong mindset that medical science is the ultimate science and the rest is quackery. I was enjoying my practice in a very busy clinic where I saw about 80 – 90 patients every day. Gradually I started enjoying fame and respect and became an important doctor for the pharmaceutical companies. After about five years of practice, I started realizing that a lot of medical problems cannot be cured, but I kept on assuring patients that they would be all right. The sight of my patients with their chronic diseases made me feel embarrassed and the level of guilt started rising.

 I realized that my degree was allowing me to charge higher fees, but I couldn’t write a better healing prescription. After seven years of practice, I started looking for some other healing system for my patients and landed in the world of acupuncture. This holistic science shattered my super confidence of being the ultimate healer. I started using the Internet to learn more about holistic sciences and enrolled myself into a program to earn an online PhD in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health in the U.S. in 2004. The knowledge gained during this course transformed my clinical skills. I transformed to a drug-free holistic family medicine practice as I started correcting dietary patterns.

Later, I did a nutritional wellness certification with the American Naturopathic Certification Board and became a Chapter Leader in Pakistan for the U.S.-based Weston A. Price Foundation. They were not mainstream institutes or organizations, but they helped in my transformation. Now my mind and soul were at peace, and my level of confidence in clinical practice was amazing. Fortunately, all my chronic patients started responding. During this process of evolution, I was blessed with extensive knowledge of the liver and its role in health and disease. It took me about ten years to stream line the knowledge into SLP (Shagufta Liver Program). SLP is a liver specific lifestyle modification program, which aligns biorhythms and prevents, manages, and reverses the disease process.

My learning was not a smooth journey. At various points I wondered if I was crazy. But the beauty of this learning was that each and every component was giving me confidence and was enlightening. There were no scientifically complicated invasive procedures, no guinea pigs, no laboratories, and, of course, no huge funding. The most important driving force was to look for a simple, natural and readily available plan or remedy. Another important aspect was to look for practical and economically feasible solutions for holistic health.

For the past 7-8 years I’ve been using the power of print and electronic media to spread awareness about holistic health. I am regularly invited by leading TV stations to talk about the topic. To date, I have served as an expert consultant on about 30 of the most popular television shows on some of the most watched local television networks in Pakistan. Additionally, I have delivered 60 lectures at various locations including schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, health clubs, government institutes and medical colleges. I also started the first integrated holistic care center in Lahore with multiple holistic therapies available, and am in the process of completing my book on liver specific lifestyle modification.