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On Organizational Direction- Working with Others

What kind of organization is the AHMA? Where has it come from, and where is it going? What approach do we as a holistic medicine organization take in our effort to transform healthcare into a sustainable, holistic / integrative model focused on wellness and prevention? There are two potential positions we could take and they both have a legitimate place in the greater scheme of things. However, the AHMA is better suited to take one path over the other.

Spring Cleansing

The Russian biologist and physiologist, Metchnikoff a winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, said in his theory of “chronic poisoning”, “all kinds of toxins in the human body will bring about chronic poisoning”. Toxins are possibly one of the main factors, in people suffering diseases, and premature aging/senility. Healthcare experts and scholars worldwide comment, if people don’t keep a healthy dietary regime, there could be around 5kg. of toxin accumulated in their body. 

Connecting the Dots

Some years ago, AHMA developed a great T-shirt that said, “Hugs Heal.” I think it might be just as popular today as it was then. The sentiment is quite in line with the Principles of Holistic Medicine. It implies connection, the healing power of love and relationship-centered care. I thought of all this after a trip to Kentucky last month and what a great technological stride AHMA just made.

My Trip to Washington, D.C.

I know I'm preaching to the choir, but Holistic practitioners are so much fun to be around! I just returned from participating in the Bravewell Collaborative Mapping Convening in Washington, D.C., in which representatives from 29 Integrative Medicine centers got together to see how we could all learn from each other. I went as a representative of the Institute for Health & Healing but I must admit to putting on my AHMA President hat more than once during the meeting!

Testosterone and its Role in Cardiovascular Protection

The benefits of healthy levels of testosterone in men include improved ejection fraction (a measure of the heart's ability to pump blood to the rest of the body), increased muscle mass, decreased fat mass, improved sex drive, improved mood and improved bone density. High naturally occurring levels of testosterone in men are associated with low mortality from all causes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer (Khaw, et al., 2007).